Friday, February 25, 2011

Foto Friday ~ Hands

Foto Friday Challenge

This week the theme for Foto Friday is hands.

My favorite hands in the world are my husbands. The hands that care for me and our children. The hands that work to provide. The hands that caress and protect. The gentle touch of his hands to the firm embrace. I love his hands! :o)

I took this picture last night when Brian was changing our door. We *think* someone attempted to break in the night before and the cheesy door that was there did not hold up very well. So he went out and bought a new door and installed it. By the time he was finished he only got 4 hours sleep before having to get up and go to work this morning. Love him!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Snow Storm...again!

This weekend, I had a wonderful day with my stepmom and little sisters. We spent the day shopping, laughing and creating memories!

Krissie drove us and did a wonderful job!

Look at that sunshine and grass behind her. Last week, we had weather in the 60's. It was wonderful. The kids really enjoyed playing outside in their t shirts. :) Even Taylor!!

This afternoon Brian called me on his way home from work and said that he would be home late because of the snow. Snow!! What snow I asked him.......
This was about an hour later!

Look at those big, beautiful snowflakes!

Carter made me this bird feeder and hung it up when the weather was beautiful last week. Now it is filled with snow. Haha!

I was really enjoying the way the outside looked without the snow! More than once I stood at the kitchen sink, looking out the window and daydreaming about my garden, sunshine, green grass and flowers. I guess it is only February though, right!!

Looks like tomorrow will be filled with more sled riding and snow ball fights. At least the snow is pretty.

I keep telling myself that! ;o)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I love traditions and Valentine's Day is one of those days I don't let slip by.

I made my family a nice dinner and bought a few little things just to show them that I love them. Usually we don't do gifts but this year we had a little extra money so I splurged!

I made steak, potatoes and chocolate chip cookies. I didn't really go all out this year on the menu because it has been a crazy few weeks.

I bought Brian a ProBass Fishing Game for the Wii. His only request was that I let him win a game or two. ;)

Brian bought me this very cute card. In it he wrote something along the lines of, he is looking forward to the day I look like this and we dance in the kitchen.

My response: "Honey, I will never wear those socks!" Haha!

He also bought me this very special piece of equipment!! He did good. :o)

This is making me itch even more for Spring! I'm so excited to be able to get out, enjoy the sunshine and take lots of pictures. To think, my family thought I took too many pictures last year! :o)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Foto Friday ~ Warming

I am a little late this week on Foto Friday. It has been a rough week.

The theme was warming. I snagged this picture from some of the pictures I took of Carter a few weeks ago.

Carter was trying to light the candle from the sunlight. Ahhh...the life of raising a boy! :o)

Morgan was very interested in watching her brother. Although he did not get it to light he did warm it enough to get some of the wax to melt and he did get smoke which made him extremely happy.

Foto Friday Challenge

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Bobo, the Super Dog

Bobo is Taylors service dog. We have had him alittle over a year now. Through out the day he is usually in whatever room Taylor is in. At night once she is in bed, he is by me. Whatever room I am in he is there. When I go to bed he follows me in and sleeps on the floor beside my bed.

On Saturday night, Brian and I were sitting on the floor in the kitchen talking. From where we were sitting you can see a straight shot all the way through the house. Bobo was not in the room with me. Everyone else was asleep but Bobo was standing in the living room looking up to Carter on the top bunk. It was about 9:45pm. Forty five minutes before Carters episode.

He stood there for a good 4 or 5 minutes. Brian and I listened because we thought maybe Carter was throwing up. We didn't hear anything so we finished talking.

Later, we were talking about it and Morgan said that she remembered Bobo walking into the room and she tried to pet him. (although she is not allowed...guess I should deal with He just stared up at Carter and started to whine. She said he was in there a few minutes and then walked out and she went back to sleep.

I remember Bobo walking up to me and nudging me but I just thought he needed to go to the bathroom. I remember laughing and telling Brian "He must really have to go!" because he was extremely persistent.

I never put two and two together but I really think Bobo sensed something was just not right. How crazy is that!?

I knew Bobo was good but WOW he is really good! :o)

Update on Carter

I spy a little boy that desperately needs a hair cut, chapstick and sleep.

Thank you for all your prayers and support. It has meant so much.

We took Carter to see our family doctor yesterday. He agreed with the second ER doctor. They believe Carter had a Vasovagal Syncope episode. He told me that it is extremely scary but even if I had not been in the room, Carter would have came around on his own.

We have an EEG scheduled for the end of February just to make sure there is nothing funky going on. Doctor said it was more for me than anything.

I have not slept in days. A few hours here or there in the afternoon while he is awake and with daddy or the girls. I can not get the image and emotions I felt that night as he went limp on my lap out of my thoughts. I truly thought he was dying.

We have been through a lot around here. Babies born early, delivering twins, feeding tubes, medicines, stitches, bike accidents, busting open foreheads, chocking on pennies but this is the scariest thing I have ever been through.

I am starting to feel better today. He is basically back to normal. Picking on his sisters, taking things apart and eating. :o)

I know when he gets sick again, I am going to be really scared. One doctor told us it will continue to happen and the other said he didn't think it would ever happen again. So we will see, I guess. Daddy went back to work today and that has made me nervous. I just feel better with him by my side.

So again, I would like to thank everyone that posted on Five in a Row, Facebook and on here.

(This picture makes me laugh. I took it last night before bed. He has on daddys hat, his socks are on inside out and his toilet paper for his runny nose is within reach.)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Counting my blessings this morning...

Everyone in the house has had a head cold for the past week. Yesterday, Carter was sleepy, nauseated and had a headache. He still played and laughed. He just wasn't himself. Before he went to bed, he told me that he felt like he was going to be sick. Since he had told me this on and off all day I figured he was just feeling nauseated. I gave him a bowl to sleep with, just in case.

It was 10:30 pm. Everyone in the house was asleep except for me. I had just got done washing my face and brushing my teeth. I sat down at the computer to check my email before I went to bed for the night.

Carter walked out with his bowl upside down and said he was going to be sick. I told him to turn his bowl over as I walked to him. As I turned the bowl over he got sick. I sat at the table with him. We sat there for a few minutes and I felt a tug to yell for Brian. I told myself that was silly because I always deal with sick kids at night! I felt that tug again. "Just holler for him". So I did. He came out and got Carter a glass of water and was trying to wake up. He sat across the table from us.

At this point, I was laughing and telling Brian about Carter almost missing the bowl and Carter slid off my lap onto the floor. I was still talking to Brian and Carter stood up beside me. He threw up into his bowl again. I asked him if he wanted a drink and he said no and climbed back up on my lap.

Then he slid down again. I thought he was over exaggerating how yucky he felt. I asked him what he was doing and he didn't answer me. I asked Brian if he was doing this on purpose. He just shrugged his shoulders.

Carter stood up for a second time and I asked him if he was ok. He said twice, "I'm okay mommy" and climbed back onto my lap. The way he said that made me realize that something was not right. The instant I realized he went completely limp. His head fell to the side and his eyes rolled back into his head. I grabbed a hold of him and shook him. He turned pale and then blue. He stopped breathing. Every ounce of my being thought he was dying right there in my arms.

I screamed to call 911. Brian stood up and I handed Carter to him, grabbed my phone and called 911. Brian ran into the sun room (its cooler) and layed him down. At this point he was still blue but his chest was rising.

What seemed like an eternity later, Carter blinked. Brian was trying to keep talking to him and asked him what he was thinking. He said "Im wondering if I am going to live or die".

He was shaking because he was so cold and Brian asked him if he was ok. His response was "I'm just shaking because I'm cold. Don't tell mommy because she will be scared that I am shaking".

Can you believe that? He is so scared but he is worrying about me.

By the time the ambulance arrived he was talking but very scared.

The hospital did blood work and a urine test. Everything was normal. The doctor told us that she thought he has a seizure. It didn't make sense to me. I know families that have children with seizures and that just didn't fit.

We ended up staying the night and this morning a new doctor came in to discharge us. I asked him what he thought and he asked me to explain to him exactly what happened. He said that from what the previous doctor said and everything I told him, he thought it was something called vasovagal syncope.

This is a definition I grabbed off google.
Short of fainting a person may experience an almost undescribable weak and tired feeling resulting from a lack of oxygen to the brain due to a sudden drop in blood pressure. Tabor's describes this as the "feeling of impending death" caused by expansion of the aorta, drawing blood from the head and upper body.

Tomorrow morning I am going to call our family doctor and have him check Carter out. Although this does seem to be what happened I need more reassurance.

This is something that will probably be reoccurring. I know God doesn't give you more than you can handle but today I feel like He is getting awfully close.

I have never been so scared in my life. I am petrified of it happening again. If it does happen we are to lay him flat on the floor so that gravity doesn't work again him. Once he is lying flat the blood can reach his brain easier.

There are many things that can cause this to happen. In Carters case it was just that he was sick. There are dozens of triggers. That doesn't mean that all of them will trigger this in Carter but it is possible.

Forgive me if I am all over all the place on this. I didn't sleep a wink. Anytime I would start to fall asleep, I jerked awake in a panic making sure he was still breathing.

I am so very thankful today. Thankful that I felt God telling me to wake up Brian, thankful that my girls are so brave, thankful for hearing another night of my little guy telling me he loves me and really, really hearing it as I lay with him in the hospital bed and he reaches for my hand, thankful that God protects, thankful that my little guy is so strong, thankful that I stayed somewhat calm and was able to react quickly, thankful that I have a husband that takes over when I'm scared to death, thankful that God has blessed me more than I deserve.

All I keep thinking is that maybe, just maybe, God was giving me a wake up call.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Foto Friday ~ Rainbow

Foto Friday Challenge

I was not real sure what I was going to do this week for our suggested theme, Rainbow. The weather here was definitely not going to give me a break and make it easy by giving me a rainbow!

This afternoon we were getting ready to leave for an appointment when I caught a glimpse of Carter doing what boys do best. Experimenting. In school today we learned about being the light of the world, energy and electricity.

I found Carter with a magnifying glass and a candle sitting in the sunlight. He was trying to light the candle. Although he never got it to light, he did get smoke. Let me tell you, that was one happy boy!

As I was going through pictures I saw this one. Ok, it doesn't have ALL the colors of the rainbow but I think it turned out pretty cool. Especially because all I was trying to get was pictures of my little guy! :o)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Monthly Goals ~ February

Every month I try to set reasonable goals for myself. Sometimes it has to do with my spiritual life or even a few personal goals.

A few days ago I visited Jess over at Making Home and she is doing a online accountability type thing. Every month she posts her goals and others can join in.

What a great way to have some encouragement. I don't know about anyone else but it is much easier for me to shy away from those goals if no one else even knows about them! :o)

I missed January so I am going to just jump in for February.

1. I will read at least one book to the kids every day.
2. I will listen to 3-4 sermons on CD every week.
3. I will start and stick to a routine. I have this all planned out but so far it has only been on paper! Hehe... I am more of a fly by the moment type of girl but its just not working around here anymore. I don't plan on a strict schedule but more of a routine.
4.I will do or say at least one thing to my hubby everyday to show him that I love and appreciate him.
5. I will get up no later than 6:30 every day. This will be the most difficult for me. I am a night owl. Taylor also wakes up between 1-10 times a night to be rolled over and made comfy so some mornings I am very sleepy.

Well there we have it! I can't back out now can I? :o) Wish me luck.

Ice Storm

Lately we have been waking up to a blanket of snow but yesterday it was ice. Everything was beautiful. Although Brian would disagree because he has to drive an hour or more to work it this mess, as he calls it! Luckily he has made it safely everyday.

Brian ended up taking all the kids to the store to pick up a few things. It is not too often they come home empty handed. They get very excited to bring things home to me!
That would be me trying to figure out whats in the bag.

It was a beautiful card that told me thanks for everything I do.
This family is so amazingly wonderful!

Today it is still very yucky outside. We got school finished up and Brian and I decided to surprise the kids with a Wii! Yep, we actually did it. We have been on the fence about it for awhile. They really wanted one but we were not so sure.

Obviously, we knew it would be a blast but don't want them to just sit in front of the TV all day. Not that you can actually sit and play the Wii. I think it safe to say I burned my share of calories today!

So after much consideration we decided that as long as there are time limits we would allow it.

I can say we had a blast tonight. The kids think it is very funny that I beat daddy all the time. That was until we played boxing. He showed me up on that one!

Yes babe, you are tough stuff. :o)


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