Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Ultimate Blog Bash 2011

Welcome to Memories By Miranda!

My name is Miranda. I am a 31 year old wife and momma.
My husband and I will be married 14 years on November 1!

We have been blessed with 4 little ones and hope to be blessed with more in the future.





I try to blog once or twice a week but with a busy household sometimes that does not happen. My blog is basically my open journal. I love to create memories and record them through photography and this blog!

I blog about life. Which usually includes homeschooling tid bits, raising a daughter with a disibility, my interest in becoming self sufficient, becoming a godly wife and mother and my love of photography.

I have started to include information on canning and recipes. I hope to do more with that in the future. I am in no way an expert on any of the things I blog about. I'm learning as I go. :o)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I have been up to my eyeballs in grapes and apples. Not that I am complaining but I definitely have not had time for anything else but canning.

Last time I posted I was sick. I did make it to Carters game. I am so glad that I rested most of the day and was feeling pretty good by afternoon. He played wonderful! He got one touch down, one 2 point conversion and while playing QB he threw a touchdown! I'm so proud of him.

On Sunday, I still wasn't feeling very good but it was our last chance to go grape picking. We picked 2 bushels. I couldn't remember how many we picked last year. I need to write this stuff down. That's on my to-do list...start a garden and canning journal.

Daddy and Carter playing "chicken" with my carts full of grapes!

We ended up canning almost 100 jars of grape juice this year! This stuff is absolutely delicious and way better than anything you can buy in the store.

I do not have the time to smash all the grapes and make grape juice the way most people do. I found a much easier way. I call it, Easy Peasy Grape Juice!

All you do is sterile your quart jars, fill jars with 2 cups of grapes (whole, clean, no mess, just the grapes!), add 1/4 cup of sugar and then fill jars with boiling water. Thats it! Then I process them for 30 minutes.

When you are ready to drink, I use a sieve to strain the juice from the grapes. I use a spoon to smash the grapes a bit. To get all the "grapeness" I can. Strain them again and drink! I promise you will never buy grape juice from the store again. Its that good!

We also have spent the week making everything apples! Applesauce, apple butter, plain canned apples and apple pie in a jar.

I am finally done canning. For now, anyway. This week, beside cleaning up apples splashed on the ceiling and in crevices I never knew existed, we will be focusing on school.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A good read and a birthday party!

Its cold and windy today, I am sick and we have a game today. Not a good combination! It's not good when this momma is sick. Ok, its not good when any momma is sick. My dishes are stacking up and my laundry pile is becoming a mountain.

Some days I feel like I'm always starting over and never getting anywhere. When I was a kid my mom used to say "Cleaning the house when your children are growing up is like shoveling the walk when its still snowing"...I love that. It is so true.

I love a clean and orderly house but somethings are just much more important. Like today, Carters game is more important. The dishes can wait while I rest up for this afternoon.

A few weeks ago I picked up the book Tuckets Travels at the library. We were in a hurry and I picked it based on the cover. I thought Carter would enjoy. Turns out we all enjoy it! Every night we read it aloud as a family. We can not get enough. Last weekend we read 15 chapters! I highly recommend it to anyone.

The kids wanted to read by candlelight the other night. So we lit the candles and all sat around the table. It was fun.
After we read we had a birthday party for Bobo! He turned 3. We even made him a cake.  Yes, a real one. We wanted some cake too. Hehe...
We sat Taylor on the floor beside him and put the cake on her lap. On the plate, of course! Bobo literally took the whole piece in one bite. He didn't even chew the bone! Silly puppy.

Well I am off to rest some more before the big game. Oh yeah and wash whites! I'm assuming the family would like to wear socks today. :o)

Friday, October 14, 2011

We are lovin us some football..

I just love watching Carter play football.

He played his second game on Saturday. I am so impressed with how well he has improved!
I think he enjoyed that "fake"!

Along with enjoying to watch the boys play, Brian is a lot of fun to watch too! His faces totally crack me up! I think he wants to jump out there and play too!

He isn't like one of those loud screaming parents. Nope, not Brian. He keeps it all inside. Too funny!
I love my boys!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

I never get away with it!!

In a little over 2 weeks, Brian and I will celebrate our 14 year anniversary! It's hard to believe it has been this long. Somedays it feels like we just started this family yesterday and somedays it feels like it been way longer than 14 years. Hehe....

On our first official date, we went out for ice cream. It ended in an ice cream fight!

We are not real sure who started the ice cream fight but we still laugh about it today.

Our kids are very accustomed to food fights, water fights, wrestling, etc. The one thing I have learned over the years is that I will NEVER win. It doesn't matter how "good" I get Brian, I will never win.

This would be me begging for mercy!
It didn't work.
Pictures courtesy of Alyssa! :o)


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