Friday, March 23, 2012

E is for Early!

Spring has arrived early this year and I am loving every minute of it! Spring is such a wonderful time to feel renewed!

I'm so excited to start my garden this year. I dont usually start seeds until the first week of April but I am thinking of starting them this week. I'm working on my layout and we are thinking of expanding this year because I am adding potatoes!

We have spent time at the park.

Alyssa started softball last week. Her practices were not supposed to start until April but this weather is perfect!

We spent a few hours on the softball field helping Alyssa. She is a quick learner but she has never actually played softball before so she needed some lessons on when not to run, where to throw the ball when, etc. It turned out to be over 80 that day and I was a hot sticky mess!

I sent the kids out to wash the bin for our new chicks. It was hot enough to spray each other. I new when I asked them to wash it for me that it would turn into a water fight.

We got 6 more chicks this year. 4 are layers and 2 are going to be for meat. This is our first time venturing into meat chickens. We will be getting at least 18 more next week.

The kids only play with their chicks. Not the meat chicks. We dont want to get too attached.

We are on Spring break this week. No school! Its been perfect for it too. I started my spring cleaning on Monday. My house is finally starting to come together.

My dryer completely died yesterday. I guess it was not fond of all my cleaning. :o)

Friday, March 16, 2012

D is for Daily

A look into a typical day for me....

4:40~ My alarm awakes me. I hit snooze and close my eyes for a second longer before Brians alarm starts ringing.

Get out of bed. Start Brians coffee, pack his lunch, make him breakfast. Kiss him goodbye and kick him out the door so he is not late for work. Turn Taylor over because I know her body is aching.

5:00~ Climb back into bed. Snuggle with Alyssa, who climbs into her daddy's warm cozy spot.

7:00~ Wake up for the day. Change Taylor. Everything except her shirt. Everyone is already up, reading to themselves.

We eat peanut butter toast for breakfast. Quick and easy today.

Time for chores. Alyssa is in charge of the living room. Morgan the dining room. Carter heads outside to take care of the chickens. I change Taylors shirt and do her hair, etc. Get her presentable for the day.(I change her pants first thing in the morning so that I don't have to get her out of her chair when I clean her up after breakfast. Shes getting heavy!)

8:00~ I get Taylor set up to the table with her favorite sign language book. Alyssa starts English. Morgan is beading and Carter is drawing a picture of a dragon.

I catch a quick shower, start laundry and red up the kitchen.

9:00-11:00~ School time. Today we do Weaver. We are learning about the water cycle. We make clay for a water cycle diagram we are going to make tomorrow.

11:00~ Brian sends me a sweet text telling me how much he loves me. :)

The kids clean up the table and then wrestle. They wrestle a lot. They get this from their daddy. Then I have to settle some bickering because wrestling sometimes leads to someone getting hurt and the other one saying that so and so was too rough on them.

I change the laundry and Taylor. Its so beautiful outside so the kids all head outside for awhile. I clean up the kitchen and make cookie mix to store in Mason jars so that I have them on hand. I just started this and I'm so glad I did.

12:00~ I warm up left overs for lunch and help Taylor into the house. While we eat lunch, Carter asks questions about our bible study. Our conversation drifts from laughs to serious talk.

We get the lunch mess cleaned up. I change the laundry and do dishes. Taylor listens to her MP3 player and I can hear her singing No Place That Far by Sara Evans. This is one of her favorite songs. If you know the song it says, "I would crawl 1000 miles to get to you". Well Taylor can not walk and when her Uncle Jason was in Iraq this became her song to him. Makes me tear up every time I hear her sing it.

1:00~ Taylor does her math on the computer. I do reading with Carter. Alyssa is reading Joyfully at Home by Jasmine Bacham. Morgan is on the porch with her cat.

The kids play for awhile.

3:00~ Brian gets home from work and throws the softball with Alyssa. I head outside with Taylor. Carter and Morgan are running through the field pretending that they are Pirates. I laugh because Bobo is not on a leash but if following Taylor around everywhere she goes. I know he wants to chase chickens or cats.

Alyssa and I spray painted her bookshelf. Alyssa, Taylor and I are working a bit on their room. Very frugally. Since we are not in our forever home we don't want to go overboard so we are just working with what we have. They agreed on black, pink and green.

4:00~ I head inside and the kids play outside. Brian is working on a pantry for me and keeps an eye on Taylor.

I do important stuff like check Facebook and Pinterest. Hehe..... Then I start dinner. Tonight we are having BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, noodles and corn. I mix up a batch of biscuits. Love homemade biscuits with apple butter. YUM!

5:30~ I call the kids inside to clean up. Change Taylor. Morgan and I set the table. We all talk about our day. The kids tell daddy all about school, Taylor starts a round of "What was your favorite part of the day". After a case of, you started it yesterday...its my turn to ask today.....we finally tell our favorite part of the day.

Daddy~ kissing mommy when I walked in the door
Mommy~ talking at lunch about our bible study
Taylor~ walking Bobo and doing my math
Alyssa~ spray painting and laying in the yard reading
Morgan~ definitely dressing up as a Pirate and finding our hidden treasure
Carter~ the whole day

Brian cleans up Taylor. Alyssa and Morgan clear the table.

6:30~ Alyssa and I go outside to throw the softball. She is excited to start playing this week. Tryouts were on Saturday and she did so good! Brian comes out with the other kids too. He cleans up the yard a bit and watches us play ball. Carter does his evening chores. Puts the chickens away, feeds and waters them too.

7:30~ Bedtime routine. Showers, brush teeth, etc. I give Taylor a shower. We read our family read aloud. Right now we are reading, Ginger Pye. Brians gets the kids all rowdy again. Wrestle time on the floor!

9:00~ Off to bed. Brian gets Taylor in her bed. I do a Mother Daughter devotional with Alyssa. All kids tucked in, prayers, lots of hugs and kisses. I stretch Taylor. Kiss her goodnight and tell her I will see her in ten minutes.

11:00~ I read a bit. Then head off to bed. Its such a beautiful night. We actually sleep with the windows open! I love spring.

So there it is. A typical day for me, if there ever was such a thing.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

C is for Challenge

A challenge for me.

Its been a rough week. Truthfully I can not even pin point it to one thing.

I have not been feeling good. That probably is why my energy feels non existent.
We have some discipline issues with the kids. That's never fun.
I feel like I am climbing in dirty clothes. How do I always seem to get so behind with laundry!
School has gone wonderful this year but this week has been depressing.

I could go on and on......

My challenge is to remember ME.

That may sound like it goes completely against what being a mother is all about but let me clarify. I want to be ME while I'm being a mother and wife.

I think that sometimes I get into a rut. I feel almost like I am going through the motions. I know many women that are going through a rough time in their life. I have had my own moments. I don't think that going through a season of these feelings I have been having are abnormal.

Thats just it. I feel like my season has turned into a life style. I don't like that. I don't like how that feels.

Life throws curve balls. I had envisioned what life would be like and many of those aspects are non existent. Thats ok. Thats how life works. I want to teach my kids that its ok to have expectations and ideas on their life but I want them to be able to roll with the punches. I want them to trust God more than their own feelings and emotions might lead them to believe.

I want my kids to remember my smile. I want them to remember how I laughed and danced.

I have my yearly goals that I have been working very diligently on but this challenge is different.

This challenge is remembering to be ME!

Me in the beautiful chaos!

Here is a list of things that I am going to do right away to kick off my challenge:
1. Pray. This is obvious but I can do nothing on my own.
2. Smile. You wouldn't really think that would be that difficult but sometimes it is!
3. Be Intentional. Always.
4. Make a Home Management Binder. I had one in the past but I don't know where it is. LOL! I need to keep things in order. Between appointments, school, life and kids...things can get messy. I need to start making list to help me keep things in order. I have some cool ideas in my head for this from ideas Ive seen online and some Ive came up with on my own.
5. Get off the computer. ;) I cant be me stuck behind a computer screen with my back to this wonderful family!

Here I go.......


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