Friday, August 24, 2012

Here comes the bride.....and baseball fun

Taylor is almost done with her baseball league. It has been so awesome!

The last few weeks she has had her own little cheering section.

Look how giddy she is!
Her friend, Laura, told her that she wasn't allowed to wear those jeans because it wasn't Sunday. Haha.....holy jeans....get it? ;)

She has finally gotten comfortable playing in front of everyone.

Here she is giving EVERYONE high five as she rounded 1st. She didn't even stop at first. She just kept on going. I guess she's too cool for first base.

More high fives!
She only has one game left. She is bummed that it went so fast.

I know I will miss watching the games. There is nothing like watching one of these kids struggle for 5 minutes to hit the ball, run (walk, limp or drive their chair) around the bases and then jump up and down with all the excitement in the world as they run (or slide..hehe) into home.

I love my daddy.

Don't they look so much alike?

We have some big news in our family!
I see wine glasses, garter, guest book......That's right...... SHE'S GETTING MARRIED.

My little sister is getting married. YAY!

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