Wednesday, September 26, 2012

No need for orange...

Dove hunting has been a big hit around here lately.

Brian went in the field behind the house and then Carter wanted to join him. It wasn't too long before the girls wanted to go too. This is the first year that Brian has hunted dove.

I think it is holding the guys over until they can get into the woods to deer hunt.

How would you like to find that guy climbing up your arm. Eek!

By now, if you know anything about dove hunting you are wondering why in the world we all have on orange. That would be because we are rookies. We did not know that you do not wear orange when hunting dove because they can see you!

Who knew! (Probably anyone reading this...haha)
Brian even bought me an adorable new sweatshirt.

That could explain why we didn't see anything. Its ok to laugh.

So we learned our lesson and went back out the next day. All of us. We are quite the sight. At least this time we were decked out in orange.

We still didn't see anything. We left this spot and loaded into the van. When we were driving back home there were about 20 of them sitting on the power line on the other side of the field. I thought it was funny. Brian not so much. Hehe....

On the drive home, the kids called out every time they saw a dove. I lost track of the number but it was funny.

We had fun though. There is something about sitting in the field listening to all the sounds around you (probably all the doves warning each other) and just taking it in. Usually we are busy hiking or exploring when we go outside. It was nice to just take sit back and enjoy.

Truth is, I dont even know I could cook or eat dove. I just like being with my family and I can't wait to see Carter take his first animal. :)


Valinda said...

Hi half pint! (Laura Ingalls, Little House on the Prairie) (Grandpa used to get teary when he watched that show) I think you wear orange so that the other hunters can see you and don't shoot at you. You sound a little bit like Greg. He loved being out in nature and just watching the animals. He told me once early dawn while he was deer hunting  that he came upon an owl that was sitting on a fence post. He watched it for awhile until it flew away. True? I don't know. But he never lied to me before. He would never kill a deer. He just went out with his Dad and his brothers to be in nature and his family.

Shanna Clark said...

Wow!  I am so impressed with all the beautiful photography on your blog!! 

By the way, no worries...we would certainly have no idea what to wear to a dove hunt :0).... and I can assure you that I would have a heart attack if that spider was crawling up my arm.  Yuck!


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