Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall In Love

Fall In Love was the theme of my little sisters bridal shower. She is getting married in December and the fall weather we have had this year has been beyond beautiful so the theme was perfect.

I spent a lot of time online to find ideas and ideas and it all fell together so wonderfully. Pinterest became my new best friend. This was my first time ever throwing a bridal shower so this was all new to me.

My wonderful daughter, Alyssa made this sign! I was so impressed. Crafting flows through her blood, I think. The "ball" above the word in on the sign is a corn husk ball. You will see them through out the pictures and they were so easy to make and fit in perfect with our theme. They now will be a part of my fall decorations. I love the way they turned out! 

I made all the party favors. I was not sure about this at first. I even asked on my facebook. I didn't want to come across as cheap. I like homemade things like this but not everyone does.

They actually turned out to be a big hit! I went with Pumpkin Pie and Banana Bread scents. I also added hugs and kissses to the bag and came up with a cute label. Another idea I got online and then kind of tweaked it to my style.
I wanted to give Krissie a keepsake for all these women in her life. Something special that she would be able to look back on as she gets older. I made these "Advice and Wishes for the Mrs. and Mrs." cards. 
We just set them on the table and let the guests fill them out as they wanted and they could just put them in a basket on the gift table.
My step mom bought all the balloons and they were so beautiful!

I just used a magic marker to write on the pumpkins.

We had lots of food! We went with finger sandwiches because the shower was in the middle of the afternoon. After lunch but before dinner. :)

I think this is the only picture I got that shows the gift bags. The gift bags were prizes for the games we played. Some of them included store bought things like a fall wind chime and door hangers and the other ones I made up with homemade apple butter. For the door prize, which was also the clothes pin game (which I will explain later) we made up a basket that was too cute, if I do say so myself. Sharon bought an super cute basket and a fall themed hand towel and we put in it a jar of apple butter. I wish I would have gotten a picture of it!

I have made a mental note to make sure I always write down a list of pictures I want to take because I always forget! Me thinks that a mental note might not work though since I will probably forget that!

 Setting up!
The beautiful bride to be talking to the groom to be.
My beautiful daughter aka my wonderful helper in all things.

The cake was made by Krissie's soon to be sister in law. It turned out beautiful!

I got chosen to be the "stand in front of everyone and talk person". Yeah me! Have I ever mentioned I do not really like to stand in front of people and talk? Well if I haven't now you know.
The first game we played was the traditional How Well Do you Know the Bride game.

Then we played the Left/Right game. I had never heard of this before. I came across it online. We had 3 tables and each table had a prize. I read as story that contained a lot of left and right words. She left the house right away, for example. Every time I said left or right they had to pass it in that direction. It was so funny!
Poor Sam, who is due any day now, ended up just standing up because she had to keep passing the gift back and forth.
Next, the toilet wedding paper dress. I have played this before and its always a hit.

Morgan made a beautiful bride. :)

We had one more model but she couldn't walk. Haha!
Krissie had a great turnout and plenty of wonderful gifts to fill her new home. I am so happy for her but yet still kind sad at the same time. Not only is she getting married but she is moving away. We do not know where yet. The Army has a funny way of making you wait too long. Don't they know there is a family anxious to know where their sweet, young, dear Krissie will be moving to!!??

Next we announced the winner of the clothespin game. We also used this as our door prize. When everyone arrived we gave them a clothespin and told them the "no no' words. The whole party they were not allowed to say Army, Devin, Fall, Krissie or Wedding. If anyone caught you saying a no no word you could take their clothespin.

It was so much fun to listen as everyone took each others!

I snapped this pictures right after Taylor lost her clothes pin. She is so funny!
Erin was the winner and a clever one at that!

Do you see that face? That is a face of pure enthusiasm.

Morgan gave Krissie a charm that said Army. After Krissie opened it Erin leaned over to the soon to be mother in law (who was winning with the most clothespins) and said "what did that say on it", she feel for it hook, line and sinker.

It turned out to be a wonderful party. We had a great turnout and loads of fun!

So we have 4 weeks until she walks down the aisle. Hold me now.

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