Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Important Email

Hello, This is to confirm that your order is complete. Your tracking number is 543785.
Your order includes the following -
~ Continuous Love
~ Amazing Joy
~ A Good Companion
~ And A Bonus Treat, A Perfect Person To Read With, Play With, And Cuddle With.

Your total is $0.00.

It only takes a tiny bit of time to enjoy your free package from The Care Package Co..
Please remember that you can get many other free packages at The Care Package Co., they only take a little time.
Please enjoy your package,

The Care Package Co.

I received this email today. How cute is that? I have a very sweet 12 year old. :) 

Mommy loves you, Alyssa and I will definitely be using my care package!

1 comment :

Leslie said...

That is adorable! You have a beautiful family!


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