Monday, October 22, 2012

Manual Monday

I got my awesome, best gift in the world, camera 2 year ago for Christmas from my dear husband. I read all the books and started to finally understand how a DSLR works. Then I got lazy. Over the last year or so I have only shot in Auto. Can you believe that? I'm hanging my head in shame. ;)

When I read that Sara over at Amongst Lovely Things was working on her photo skills by posting a picture shot in Manual every Monday, I thought that would be a lovely way to get out of my lazy funk.

I usually take pictures of my kids but truth be told they were all dressed a bit shabby today and after this hike down to the creek the only thing that wasn't dirty was the dog.

Yes, I knew I was going to be posting a picture today. Yes, I had a week (technically 2 if I would have started when Sara started).  Yes, I'm lazy in other areas too or maybe just busy. Yeah, we will go with busy.

Meet Bobo. If you do not know, this is my daughters service dog. Today he was free to run as we walked to the creek. Although he didn't get dirty he did have an ornery side.

Beautiful, obedient puppy.
(Both pictures shot at 1/2000, f 5.6, ISO 200)

Beautiful, obedient puppy spots kitty cat.
I'll give you one guess what happens next?


Sarah @ Amongst Lovely Things said...

Chase! :)

Lovely, lovely shots. I can't believe you usually shoot in auto and THIS is what you can crank out in Manual! The composition, the color- it's all just perfect. Thanks for linking up! This is fun! ;)

Elizabeth said...

Yes! I agree with Sarah!  The composition is really lovely.  The pictures made my husband miss our old golden retriever. 

Amber Emory said...

I love these shots!

Lisa said...

Such a pretty puppy and you did a great job jumping back in to manual!


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