Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Alyssa's Surprise Party

I love parties. Especially surprise ones!

I can not believe Alyssa is a teenager. That means I have 2 teenagers. When did that happen?!

We kept it a secret from the other kids until the minute Alyssa left with daddy. I didn't want any slip ups. :)

Daddy took her driving around looking for some land to hunt on. I think they stopped at like 8 farms. Meanwhile, the kids and I were decorating! They were so ecstatic when I told them about the party.

When daddy got the ok he came home. Of course, he can't do anything the easy way. (What fun is that, right?) He blindfolded her and then walked her around the yard for about 5 minutes. We were all waiting on the porch to surprise her.
This is the look we got when daddy took off the blindfold aka his shirt. lol!

Embarrassed much? Yes, I think so. She was so happy though.
We had the house all decorated. My theme was just bright colors. I made a banner that said "Alyssa" on it and I got bright colored poster board. I made signs that said surprise, listed all her best qualities and Happy 13th. Lots of balloons too!

The menu included: Tacos, bowls of candy and cheese puffs. We had orange and red pop to drink. Everything was festive, even the food!
Of course, we couldn't forget the cake! Litty's did awesome with their hoho cake. The colors were perfect and tasted delicious!
She was very happy with her presents. Give cards and money. The perfect gifts for a teenager.

Mommy and Daddy got her a bracelet. I am too sentimental to only give money. lol!

A few days later I gave her a music box that was just special from me.

At the bridal shower a few weeks ago, we played the clothespin game. Basically, there are words that are off limits and if you get caught saying one of those words then you lose your clothespin. Alyssa loved playing it so I thought it would be perfect for her party too.

The no-no words were Alyssa, Presents, Birthday and Hunting. The winner got a jar of my canned peaches. Ha!

Daddy was fighting till the end but Uncle Shawn won. I hope he enjoyed the peaches. I'll have to ask him.

My beautiful birthday girl!

I think the biggest hit at the party was the PHOTO BOOTH!

 I found props at the Goodwill and the Dollar Store.

Who need props when you are that cute!?

After everyone left, we spent about 2 hours in the photo booth. Hehe....

It was an awesome party!

This has been a really good year for Alyssa. She grown into such an amazing young woman.

She is such a big helper. She cooks lunch on most days. I have really seen her heart gravitating towards God. She reads her bible and asks lots of questions. She is so full of love. She is a black and white kind of girl. She wants everything to make sense. She is so intelligent and is so easy to teach. She loves to please. In a good way.

Over the last year, I have seen her struggle in areas that all girls do and I have watched as she has stood strong. She has made me so proud to be her mom. I love this little girl with all my heart.

Happy 13th Birthday, Alyssa Nicole.

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