Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Candle Giveaway!

You may have noticed my new picture on the side bar.

Well I am in a contest for a $500 gift card to a local sporting goods store. In an attempt to get as many votes as possible, I am having a little contest of my own.

I used to have this little store called Farmgirl Naturals. I made soap and candles. Life kind of took over and I had to put the store on hold for a bit but I do still make candles during Christmastime.

So here it goes....for EVERY vote you get me (your own vote, sharing on your blog/facebook or calling everyone you know and getting them to vote) you will get a chance to win 2 homemade, excellent smelling candles just in time for Christmas!

Just leave me a comment here or on facebook and let me know that you voted and I will enter your name! 

You can vote everyday. Be sure to let me know EVERY time you vote so I can add your name.

Is that easy or what!? Ready. Set. Vote! :)



Kayla Arrowood said...

I voted!!

Juliecampbell0607 said...

I voted!

Deborah Lott said...

I voted.

Craigjc7707 said...

I voted

Lisa McClanahan said...

I voted.


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