Friday, November 9, 2012

Joy Journey


Its such a small word with a lot of impact. If I have joy, life seems full. If I do not have joy, life seems empty.

There is fleeting joy. It may feel good for a time but it doesn't last long.

Then there is lasting joy. Lasting joy can only come from one source. Jesus Christ.

I have learned that life will ALWAYS through me curve balls. There is no way around it. It coming.

That is why I need to keep my focus on the lasting joy.

There are things that steal my joy just about everyday. Some things do not necessarily take all my joy away but it fills my heart with fear. Fear robs joy. Every stinkin time.

I have noticed lately that I have been cranky. My heart seems full of fear. No joy. Sure I have fleeting joy at times. Moments where I wish I could just stop time.

In my lifetime, I have major things happen in my life that have robbed my joy and small things. Some things have been out of my control and some things have not.

So a few days ago, I sat down and thought "What am I going to do about it".

If I take the time to stop and look around, my life is FILLED with blessings. Blessings that God gave to me.

Blessings that I overlook because of fear. Or lack of joy?

So where does one find joy? God has placed this love for my family that overflows out of my heart. My husband. My kids. My parents. My brother. My sisters. I love them so much it hurts sometimes.

So why do I spend so much time in fear instead of enjoying the moments. The moments that make up my life. The moments that my heart longs for anyway.

I don't have all the answers but I know that God has told me that I need to slow down. Enjoy the moments. The day after I starting writing this, I came across this video from Ann Voskamp.

Talk about powerful! Wow. That was exactly what my heart needed. If being thankful creates joy, then how do I be thankful instead of fearful?

So what am I going to do about it? My lack of joy. I'm going to be thankful.

I'm going to slow down and enjoy the moments. I'm going to capture the moments cause we all know I love doing that. Instead of getting the perfect shot or just the right look, I'm going to capture the moment. Right where it is. Exactly how I see it.

I'm going to stop spending so much time on the computer and more time playing. With my husband. With my kids. I may even call over the rest of my family to join us. :)

I'm going to be thankful. For everything. The good times and the bad. The moments. All of them.

I want to journal about my journey to find joy. I do not know how that is going to look. I'm thinking about posting every Friday. The moments I was intentional about finding joy. The moments I captured joy.

 This week, I am going to just add some of the pictures I took the last few days. Moments of joy to me.

3 things I do not want to forget as I start this journey to find joy.

1. Life is not easy but I do not have to do it alone. Jesus is right there, with his arms stretched out just waiting or me to take His hand.
2. Fear robs joy. God is in control so when fear creeps up, put it in its place.
3. Be thankful. Always.


Mary Flaharty Roberts said...

Love your pictures. I understand the struggle over fear and joy.  :/

Karyn said...

What a beautiful and touching post. Thanks for sharing your joy with others. 

Lora Farrell said...

A lovely post~and such a good reminder for us all!


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