Sunday, December 2, 2012

December Daily ~ Day 2

It was rainy all day today.
Brian made me eggs for breakfast. His first try was fed to the cats.

His second try was much better. Such a sweet guy!
Brian and Carter worked on some outside projects. They are building a tree stand. I love watching Brian involve Carter in everything he does.
I am so excited for Advent this year. We are reading our traditional Advent story, Jothams Journey! I wish I knew what year we started reading this trilogy but I don't. I'm thinking this is our 6th year.

I also decided to make a little Advent activity. I need to get some stickers or something to dress it up a bit but here is our Advent tree. In each envelope is a card with an activity, bible verse, encouragement (or all 3) written on it. Every day, leading up to Christmas, we will open an envelope and read what is inside! The kids are really excited about it. I am too!

Advent Day 1 card: Today is the first day of Advent! We are going to spend the next 24 days filling our hearts with the true meaning of Christmas. Let's light our purple candle and read Jotham to start our Advent out right!

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