Thursday, December 27, 2012

December Daily ~ Day 27

Snow, Snow and more Snow.
We finally got our first real snow of the season. Yesterday actually, but I would not let the kids go out then. Even today, I probably shouldn't have because their cold is still lingering. Tay had to stay in though because she is still feeling really yucky.

I am playing around with my camera a lot lately. Some shots I'm happy with and some I'm not. I wish I had all the time in the world to just learn everything I need to know but I'm just too busy for that. So a little here and a little there is just how it has to be.

As you can tell, the kids had a blast. I just wanted to stay inside and drink hot chocolate. I'm not usually a baby when I don't feel good but I still don't have much energy. So I would run out and take a few pictures and then back inside for me.

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