Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December Daily ~ Day 3

Today was just a typical day at home.

We are going really light on schoolwork right now because of all the wedding prep going on and December is always slow for us anyways.

Obviously, the children are still learning. We just take on more of relaxed schooling.

Today we continued with laundry. My living room looked like about a dozen hampers exploded. Only with clean clothes! We sorted, put away and hung up. We made it fun by watching The Christmas Miracle. :)

Today's Advent Card: We are going to read Genesis 22:1-14 together. Then lets write down 10 ways that God has provided for us and then we are going to hang them up as a reminder to us of God's love and provision. 

Our Lists:

~ A perfect sacrifice in my place, His Son!                           
~ A loving, godly wife                                                       
~ Children                                                                         
~ The Bible                                                                     
~ A good church                                                             
~ Freedom                                                                         
~ A job                                                                            
~ Opprotunites to share God's love                                       
~ All that I need                                                                    
~ Hope                                                                               

~ The Ultimate Sacrifice, Jesus Christ
~ Forgiveness                                                                      
~ Unconditional Love
~ Beautiful, Perfect Family
~ The Bible
~ Supportive, caring church
~ A home
~ A promise for the future, no matter what
~ Brian- His love, support, perseverance
~ Food, clothing, needs and wants

~ Food                                                                             
~ Friends                                                                          
~ Family                                                                           
~ Clothing                                                                      
~ Parents                                                                            
~ House                                                                   
~ Church                                                                
~ Sisters and Brother                                                           
~ Pastor                                                                          
~ Love                                                                           

~ Family
~ Shelter
~ Food
~ A good Pastor/Chruch
~ A free Country
~ Transportation
~ Running water
~ Physical Abilities
~ Health
~ A Savior

~ A family to help in hard times                                               
~ Food                                                                             
~ Shelter that protects us                                                        
~ Friends that also help                                                          
~ A church to worship in                                                       
~ A free country                                                                       
~ Jesus our savior                                                                  
~ A good pastor                                                                      
~ Clothing to keep us warm                                                      
~ Opportunities                                                                 

~ Mom and Dad
~ Taylor, Morgan and Alyssa
~ Food
~ God
~ A Pastor
~ Love from God
~ Heaven
~ Clothing
~ The Bible
~ The Sun

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