Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December Daily ~ Days 11-19

Let's just call December Daily, December Week, for this post.

My computer crashed so I have not been able to get online. Fun times. ;) I got a new computer (Triple Yay!!!) so I can finally catch up. I decided to just pile the last week in one post.

Our morning have been so beautiful but cold.

We have been busy gearing up for Christmas. It came on me a bit quick this year.

Brian got me a new flash for my camera. I am in love.

I have such adorable subjects.

The 17th was my birthday! 33 this year. Whew, I still feel like I am 20 but the wrinkles around my eyes are trying to deceive me into thinking 20 was a while ago. Haha....

I wasn't stealing cake. Nope, not me.

As many of you know, my little sister will be leaving for Germany soon. I wanted to be able to be available for her whenever she wants to chat so I got me a smart phone. I always said I would never have one. Oops. Double oops that I absolutely LOVE it!

I have been loving me some Instagram too. So much fun.

So to wrap up this week,

We have:
~ Christmas shopped as a family
~ Christmas shopped and lunch (an annual tradition) with my Grandma
~ Celebrated my birthday
~ I got spoiled (new phone, new computer and new flash)
~ We laughed
~ We sang Christmas carols
~ Alyssa and Brian got sick
~ Alyssa won first place in a writing contest (Contest)

We are almost done with our Christmas shopping. I am excited for that. I am ready to sit back and enjoy the rest of this Christmas season. Alyssa is finally feeling better. Brian not so much. I have heard all the craze about Downton Abbey and I. AM. HOOKED.

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