Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fun Family Pictures

The kids and I had a BLAST doing a balloon photo shoot. We took lots of pictures, played and laughed. We set out to take fun family pictures and that is exactly what we did!

I love spending time like this with the kids.

I love when the kids enjoy making up their own poses. They are so much fun!

Peek A Boo!

Brian met us over at the railroad tracks on his way home from work. He was a dirty mess but he was a good sport when I roped him into getting a few pictures too! He couldn't miss out on our fun family pictures, now could he?!

After we were done with pictures, Carter asked if he could have the balloons.

He made himself a hot air balloon. When he was outside flying it I grabbed some pictures of him.

He had yarn connected to it so it wouldn't float away. It was losing air so we thought it wouldn't go too far but as soon as we took off the yarn it got away from us! OOPS!

I have found the trick to having a good photo shoot with the kids is to to HAVE FUN! At first, when I would take the kids out for pictures, they were tired and I had fake smiles after 10 minutes.

When we go out and have fun, laugh and I get out there too, it shows them they can just have fun and not be embarrassed.

They actually enjoy pictures now and we have a lot of fun! Now I just need to brain storm more ideas for our fun family pictures!


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