Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Late August Daybook

I've seen a few people doing these little daybook posts. It is a cute idea. Especially since they will always here for me to go back to. A walk down memory lane kind of thing. Which is basically what my blog is anyway!

Outside my window...
Right now, it is starting to get dark. The sun is setting and you can feel the coolness of Fall is upon us.

I am thankful for...
A new school year. I am so excited to kick off our new year. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to be able to teach my kids at home.

I am thinking about...
My husband. He started a big project of cleaning out and organizing the laundry room. I should probably be helping him. ;)

In the Schoolroom...
There is a lot of planning going on!

From the kitchen...
We just got done eating dinner. Hamburger Gravy. Carter's favorite!

I am creating...
A lot of ideas are spinning around in my head for my sisters wedding. Pinterest has become my new best friend.

I am working on...
Lots of things. My fall garden is still in progress. I'm excited to see how it turns out.

Clicking around...
I have been reading this website. Such wonderful encouragement going on over there!

I am reading...
The Excellent Wife by Marsha Peace. Love this book!

I am praying for...
Peace...I have a lot of outside blahness (is that a word??) going on.

Around the house...
Canning, canning and more canning. Tomatoes, pizza sauce, peaches and more peaches.

I am hearing...
Taylor crumbling up aluminum foil. When I started writing this she asked if she could have the foil off the table. She told me she loves to crumble it up into a ball. She said that its neat because it stays in the shapes you make it.

One of my favorite things... 
A can of Crush! Drinking one right now....;)

A few plans for the rest of the week...
Taylor has her last baseball game tomorrow night. She is bummed that it is over all ready. She enjoyed it so much. I have to make sure the kids annual portfolios are put together. They need to be dropped of this week.

A picture thought...
I found these on my dining room table. Boys...they make life interesting.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Here comes the bride.....and baseball fun

Taylor is almost done with her baseball league. It has been so awesome!

The last few weeks she has had her own little cheering section.

Look how giddy she is!
Her friend, Laura, told her that she wasn't allowed to wear those jeans because it wasn't Sunday. Haha.....holy jeans....get it? ;)

She has finally gotten comfortable playing in front of everyone.

Here she is giving EVERYONE high five as she rounded 1st. She didn't even stop at first. She just kept on going. I guess she's too cool for first base.

More high fives!
She only has one game left. She is bummed that it went so fast.

I know I will miss watching the games. There is nothing like watching one of these kids struggle for 5 minutes to hit the ball, run (walk, limp or drive their chair) around the bases and then jump up and down with all the excitement in the world as they run (or slide..hehe) into home.

I love my daddy.

Don't they look so much alike?

We have some big news in our family!
I see wine glasses, garter, guest book......That's right...... SHE'S GETTING MARRIED.

My little sister is getting married. YAY!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ahhh....a productive day

Once upon a time there was a little girl who would not let her mom get up early.

Her name was Taylor.

I get up and get Brian out the door for work. At 4:30 AM!

If I stay up, Taylor will know. She hears that I do not get back into my bed. Yes, she hears.

Now if I go back to bed she is fine and will go back to sleep. If not, she will start talking to me around 6ish. As hard as I try she will NOT go back to sleep. I've tried to convince her that she will not miss anything because the WHOLE WORLD is still sleeping but so far it hasn't worked.

When she was younger, she always woke up as soon as my feet hit the floor. Makes it kind of tricky to get up before the kids. ;)

So today I stayed up. Im trying to since school starts for us in a few weeks. I need to get back into that routine.

It's been quite a productive day, if I do say so myself!

 Its only 12:30 and so far we have:
     ~ Made french toast for breakfast

     ~ Took pictures of spider webs

     ~ Planted 2 rows of lettuce
     ~ Planted 3 rows of carrots

Don't let the beautifully tilled ground....done entirely by hand with a hand shovel because our rake and shovel broke over the last few weeks....fool you. Fall is on its way!

I figured since our garden was a bust this year, I would attempt to grow some fall veggies.

I was trying to find an easy way to label what I planted and where. All I could find was a purple permanent marker. Gotta love kids. 

      ~ Clipped chickens wings.

They wouldn't leave my seeds alone. Little stinkers. We have tried to cut them before but they still get out of their enclosure. I read you are supposed to only cut one side. That didn't work so we cut both. We will see.

     ~ 3 loads of laundry
     ~ Cleaned my kitchen
     ~ Made soap

Now is that a productive day or what!?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Are you kidding me?!

This was is the comment I heard from everyone that knows me very well when I told them that I was going to butcher a chicken. HaHa!

I think I have always had country running through my blood. It just never had a chance to surface. Maybe I just changed over the years. I don't really know but I do know that I love every second of it.

I would LOVE to have a big farm full of cows, horses, goats...all of it is the desire of my heart! I long to have some land of my own.

I don't see that happening anytime soon but I do love the idea of it.

When we first got chickens they were only for eggs. As time went on, we discussed getting more chickens to butcher but I was not real keen on that idea.

Since that discussion, I have done research on the hows and whys of butchering. I'm not going to explain it all but it changed my mind. Having our chickens raised knowing what they were fed, knowing how they were treated and butchering them humanely is a much better option than what I would buy at the store. Actually when I see them in the store it kind of makes my belly turn. Bleck!

So the big day came and we only butchered one. Brian didn't want to go through all of that only to have no one be able to eat it. ;) Smart guy.

We caught our chicken.

We picked Meanie because she was mean. Hence the name. She was a bully in the chicken yard.

As Brian was getting her "ready" she flapped and got away. It then took 20 minutes to capture her again. I think she knew what was coming.

Ahh...captured once again.

I will save you all the gross details. There are many sites to show you how to do the butchering. That's how we learned! Since I am new to this and not teaching anyone, just documenting and sharing the funnies of our day, I'll leave you able to eat your breakfast. ;)

It actually was not nearly as gross as I thought it would be. I mean it wasn't a piece of cake but totally doable! After the killing it was quite interesting. The killing still made me feel sad but like I said the chickens in the store are the ones that should make me feel that way. Did I mention that there are hundreds of them jammed into small areas, eating so much that they can not even walk and sometimes die of heart attacks because they are so obese, standing in inches of poop. Yeah gross!

Meanie got to roam free. She got fed lots of good scraps. She died humanely.

So anyway, we got her all ready to be cleaned. Plucking was easy because of a method we read online. That only took a few minutes.

Now that's a proud country boy!

Alyssa was not so sure about it all. She is coming around though.

She knows it is healthier to do it this way. It will just take her a few times and then she will probably become my plucker. Haha!

Bonding time! Nothing like cleaning a chicken to build memories, huh?

 We got her all cleaned up and butchered. We got a little confused on a few things. I don't know how people did things years ago without Google!

Right now, she is aging in the fridge. I'm planning on cooking her either tomorrow or Thursday. We'll see how that goes.

I was given a hundred pounds of peaches last week. Talk about love! Someone knows the way to my heart. Thanks Cheryl!

Then this week, she gave me MORE. Can you believe that?!

We have been busy canning all week. I love canning. Especially when I have a wonderful helper or two. I don't think there is anything better than spending hours talking, cutting, talking, canning together.

Sometimes we laugh. Sometimes the conversation is serious. It will be memories I will never forget and I love teaching all the kids the art of being self sufficient. I am learning as I go but I hope the day they leave home they will know how to do these things and they will hold the memories in their heart like I do.

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The middle of August

Can it really be the middle of August already!? We are gearing up for a new school year. I think I mentioned this before but I am so excited! I have so many fun things planned. The kids are begging me to get their school supplies all ready. They love the start of the new school year as much as I do. We'll see how long that lasts. :)

We have had some changes happen recently. The biggest is that Taylor went from being medicine free for over a year to being put on 3 different ones. It was kind of a bummer but we weighed our options and we think it was the best choice for now.

The one medicine requires a lot more out of us as a family. Taylor was really excited about it for the first few days because it helps to relax her muscles. The first day, I walked into her room and she had her hands above her head and was full of giggles. I didn't realize why all the giggles at first but it didn't take me long. With out the meds she can not move her arms so easily. She felt like a new girl!

Moving her legs got easier for her. Which made walking (in the gait trainer) easier. Opening her hands got easier. Doing all those little things that I take for granted are easier.

The down side....shes tired. Her head control is worse. Her speech is harder to understand. She has to learn how to pick up things differently because she learned how to pick things up with tighter hands. She cant feed herself right now and when she tries her eyes cross really bad because she is trying so hard.

So right now, I am working on helping her to do things differently. That's so hard for her. She already had to learn how to do things the hard way. It breaks my heart. She loves the way her muscles ache less but she hates that she feels tired.

We are hoping that as her body gets used to the medicine the sleepiness will wear off. We went through the same thing when she was younger and we opted to keep her off the medicine but the older she gets the more her body is aching, her muscles are getting tighter and her back is arching.

The other kids are so good with Taylor. They understand that we have to be patient and listen more carefully and help her learn things over again. This all starts with me. It is so easy to feel annoyed and frustrated. When my attitude is patient, their attitude is patient. When I am feeling overwhelmed they feel overwhelmed.

I tried to download it on here but it wouldn't work so I just put it on my facebook.

Taylor is having such a great time playing baseball! She is so cute out there. She is full of giggles the whole time and you can tell she is trying to take it all in. 

It is very humbling to watch all the kids playing. The joy on their faces when they make it to 1st base or run into home is just plain awesome!

Brian told me the other day that some guys from work were going to an Indians game. He said that he wouldn't pass up watching Taylors game over an Indians game any day. :) It definitely puts life into perspective.
Taylor made a friend. We are not sure what her disability is but she talks to Taylor a lot. Its amazing how children can see past each others disabilities. I love eaves dropping on their conversations and hearing them cheer each other on.

I have pumpkins.....

and peppers..... 

The kids have some awesome tomato plants growing. Mine is pale in comparison.

Last night, we went outside to let Carter shoot his gun. We did the experiment where you put an egg in vinegar and it becomes like rubber. Well Carter wanted to shoot it. Boys...haha...

I think she noticed something that was hers. ;)


Daddy accidentally squeezed the egg a bit too hard. Oops...the bottom of the egg just like fell out and it made a mess. So Carter never got to shoot the egg but he did practice anyway. Hes got a good shot for only being 10.

So in the midst of these changes, I decided to step down as a Sales Rep for the TOS magazine. I loved every aspect of doing it and I loved all the amazing women I was surrounded by. I would have loved to make it work but I am needed too much by the family God blessed me with. After praying about it and talking with Brian we thought it would be best for me to quit.

Right now, I am a mom, wife, therapist, teacher, nurse, taxi driver, maid, cook, friend, listener, counselor, referee and secretary.....to name a few. I'm ok with that. Actually, I am more than ok with that. The pay can't be beat! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a day..

We have been busy around the house lately.

Gearing up for another school year. Which I am super excited about. Truthfully, I am ready to get back to some routine.

Organizing. I have become an organizing maniac. Tomorrow, I am going to face the sunroom. The messiest room in the house.

Outside work. The kids and I spent a day doing everything that needed done outside. We mowed and acre and a half. Tag team style since we only have a push mower. It only took us about 3 hours. Then we pulled weeds. Then we cleaned up junk around the shed. Then we got ice cream. :)

Today is no exception to our business. We have declared it Taylor Day. First up, blood work. Then Physical Therapy. Then GI doctor in Canton. Last, Baseball. Shes going to be one tired cookie at the end of the day.

At the end of one of our busy days the girls made themselves a reading tent. What a perfect end to a work filled day. I love their style. :)

Friday, August 3, 2012

A good reason to miss church

Saturday night, we had all our church clothes laid out nice and neat. Shoes lined up ready to adore adorable outfits the next morning. Children were showered and in their beds. Having sweet dreams of Sunday School, I'm sure.

Haha...not really.

It was a stressful night of showers and bedtimes. We finished up reading and kicked lovingly put the kids to bed. After numerous attempts of trying to keep them quiet and actually close their eyes, (since no one was tired) Brian and I finished some last minute things to make Sunday morning run a little smoother.

Last on our list, let Bobo out to the bathroom. Brian went out too.

I was in the laundry room when it all went down.

I started to smell a horrible, despicable, gagging smell and I thought....oh yuck someone hit a skunk.

When I walked to the sun room door. I thought I was going to die of laughter and/or be sick.

They both needed tomato baths. He's not always pleased with my picture taking. Can you tell? ;)

Poor Bobo got it right in the face. He had to sleep on the porch. He still stinks.

We got up on Sunday morning and figured we would do the congregation a favor. You're welcome. As you can tell he still was sporting the skunk smell.
We figured nature wouldn't mind our stench so we went on a hike. Luckily, by the end of the day Brian started to smell much better. That or we just got used to it.

I believe we cleared the path of any blackberries.
Taylor kept trying to hide from everyone. It was so funny. She's an ornery thing.

I love that all the kids will walk around and around and pretend that they do not see her. They are so awesome!


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