Friday, February 22, 2013

5 Fact Friday with a twist

I decided to add a little twist to my 5 Fact Friday. A blog that I follow did a "Fun Fact" post today and I enjoyed reading it so I decided to kind of mix into my post today. Fun, I know. ;)

5 things my purse
1. Neutrogena hand lotion. I can't live with out it in the winter.
2. Dave Ramsey red wallet. Love! Keeps track of all my expenses and its super cute.
3. Jolly Ranchers. Only watermelon and apple, of course.
4. Skinnygirl energizing lip shine
5. Straws. For Taylor Lou. my bedroom
1. Victoria Secret lotion. Lots of it. Currently obsessing with anything that contains a hint of coconut.
2. Socks. 2 baskets to be exact that need to be matched. Blah.
3. New Pillow. For Brian. Realized after he left for work I should have bought myself one.
4. Homemade massage oil. Foot rub? Yes, please. 
5. On my nightstand....(this has 5 of its
     The Shack by William Young
     The Excellent Wife by Marsha Peace
     So Much More Than Sexy by Mark Atteberry (READ THIS BOOK!)
     The Family by J.R. Miller
     The Christian Moms Idea Book by Ellen Banks Elwell

.....I've always wanted to do       
1. Visit Maine
2. Move to Montana
3. Have a dozen or so kids
4. Own a horse (or 5)
5. Realistically....own a hobby farm, be simple.

.....I'm currently loving 
1. Weaver and Apologia curriculum. School doesn't even feel like school lately. Even the kids agree.
2. Walks with my husband every night
3. Chocolate chip cookies and reruns of House. Together, of course. Currently on season 7 and cookie #12.
4. Working on being debt free and keeping track of every penny spent. Enthusiasm won't last long. Trust me.
5. Family game night. Especially when it involves the Wii. I always win. 

.....quirks I have 
1. Standing on the side of my foot when I am nervous, worried or feel insecure.
2. I hate house work. Especially, dishes and laundry.
3. I hate a dirty house. Especially, dirty dishes and laundry. Weird, I know.
4. If we don't do school on Monday, I have the HARDEST time finishing out the week.
5. I have to cuddle with Brian to get a good nights sleep. Even if he makes me mad, I wait till he's asleep to cuddle.

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April Brooks said...

You should make this a link up! I would participate!  Stopping by from the Crew!


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