Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photo Contest ~ February

This months theme was LOVE. With the idea of what do you love about photography or what makes you tick.

This was a little easier for me than last month.

Creating memories and capturing that beauty is what I love. 

I didn't give myself much time this round. It was due today and I stopped at the park for TEN minutes yesterday. (In the middle of running a million errands.) It was freezing cold, snowing and windy.  Carter was such a good sport!

There are at least a dozen things about the picture I don't like and if I had time I would redo it but I don't so.....

No matter what I would change about the picture itself...I love that boy. I love his smile. I love his muddy jeans. His homemade fishing pole. His hat. His kindness. His love. His patience. I just love HIM.

My challenge to myself was not to win or take the very best picture, it was just to challenge myself. To do the photo challenge every single month for one year and step out of my comfort zone. That, I have done! :)

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