Saturday, March 16, 2013

5 Fact Friday ~ March 15

Its that time again....

1. I have really been enjoying Jessica Drossins monthly photo challenge. This month the theme was "Go Green". Morgan was excited to help. She was so much fun. I love that they love my love for photography. :)

2. I am loving technology right now! Although I definitely enjoy my life being "simple", I am in LOVE with Skype. Germany doesn't seem nearly as far away.

3. I have been in a snacking mood lately! My normal routine includes no breakfast, small lunch, big dinner, no snacks. Lately its more like no breakfast, snack, small lunch, big dinner, snack, snack. Horrible, I know.

4. I am making chicken noodle soup today. You know what that means???? A sickie? How about 4 sickies! Alyssa, Taylor, Morgan and ME.....How weird is it that we were fine yesterday and we all woke up sick today?! Fever, belly aches, headache, terrible sore throat. Yucky!

5.We sponsored a child through Compassion International last night. We are so excited. His name is Otok Walter. It was sad looking at all those little faces. Who do you pick? It was pretty neat though when we came across his picture we all agreed right away that he was the one! Its so neat how God works.

Well that's all for this week but here is more pictures from out little "green" photo shoot.


Kym Thorpe said...

what a fun photo shoot! I love it! Sorry everyone is feeling sick, and hoping you're all better by now.

adustyframe said...

I like the green:) fun!
Lizzie TOS Crew

tesha said...

Love these Pictures!!!! My blog address recently changed so if you want to see updates you have to re follow with Google friend connect here is the new address

ASliceofHomeschoolPie said...

Great photos! Stopping from the Crew.


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