Friday, March 8, 2013

5 Fact Friday ~ March 8th

Welcome to another round of 5 Fact Friday.

1. My oldest turns 15 in 10 days! What? Really. I keep telling her that once she hit 14 she goes backwards but she isn't buying it. Ha.

2. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore this family that God has blessed me with?
           ~ Alyssa started reading Jesus Freaks by DC Talk and The Voice of the Martyrs a few weeks ago. It is filled with stories of people that have been tortured or killed for their faith in Jesus Christ. Since then she has been making posters to put up all over town to raise awareness.
           ~ Carter and Morgan have a jar for all their money (and anyone else) who wants to give to a missionary doctor. I have no idea why they picked this particular person. Right now, they have $25.06.
            ~ Taylor has been pouring her heart out into proving doctors wrong by learning to read. I am in awe of how hard she is working and how much she is learning!
           ~ Brian has been working more hours than normal and he still comes home and feeds Taylor dinner, makes stop motion videos with the kids and takes time to dance with me in the kitchen.

They are all just plain awesome.

3. My canning shelf is running really low. Mental note: Make and can even more this year! I can't wait!

4. It is sunny today. That makes me happy. The end.

5. My To-Do list today is so very long! The good news....We are almost done with school and I can start with everything else. :)

Included in my day:
~ Fry up hamburger to freeze
~ Make soap
~ Make yogurt (This is a first, Im kind of excited!)
~ Make granola
~ School plans for next week
~ Church clothes, clean and ready (we missed the last few weeks and we are not missing this week!)
~ Clean up blog and work on new header (the snowy river is making me cold and I am itching to make it more personal!)
~ Computer Science and reading with Carter (My 10 year old is learning computer programming. How cool is that!)

Instagram this week

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