Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

My online friend Rebecca started doing this blog hop a few weeks ago. I fell in love with following her Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real pictures! So I decided to join along.

As many of you already know, Krissie (my little sister) got married in December. Well we have been waiting for 3 months for her to get the ok to follow her husband to Germany. Yes, Germany. Yes...WAY TOO FAR AWAY! Anyway, he is in the military and you know how that goes.

This past weekend was THE weekend. Goodbyes are tough. I took this picture of her right before we went into the airport. Sniff....Sniff. Isn't she pretty?

Funny, Real
When we found out she was leaving we decided to have our last (for awhile) Girls Day. Me, both of my sisters (they are twins..double difficult to leave each other) and our stepmom. We had a great day. Mostly we just laughed and took pictures. Lots of them.

Those first 3 pictures are just plain ornery but once I spill the beans that our dad is a police officer, it kind of takes away the orneriness of it. Until I tell you that the next picture in this series is a police officer (I will keep names secret to protect his innocence) walking around the corner. We were totally caught red handed! Oops!

Here are some less ornery but still fun(ny) pictures.


We got to babysit 2 little boys today for a friend.

They were so sweet. (Other than a little fussiness but when you are that cute, we forgive easily)

Yep, Its official....I need one. ;)

round button chicken


Rebecca said...

Me too. :-)

I was SO glad to see your pretty face smiling back at me when I checked out the P,H,F,R links! So happy you joined up. Isn't it fun?

I love your funny pictures- that looked like so much fun. Just hanging out and goofing off. Love it. Even if it came about from such a sad reason. That is what happens when we grow up, huh? Stink.

Aunt Kelly said...

Thank you, so much, for sharing these wonderful pictures!!! Love you all <3


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