Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Onions, Carrots and Lettuce...Oh my!

Last year, my garden was a complete bust. We started it late which made me discouraged to even start with. We ended up having to just buy plants. Blah. Double Blah. Even those didn't do very well. Complete bust.

This year is going to be DIFFERENT!

I already have onions, carrots and lettuce in the ground! Oh yeah!

I am anxiously waiting to plant all the plants that are residing in my sun room. I have peppers (green, mixed, jalapenos and some other kind of hot pepper), tomatoes (4 different kinds), cucumbers and flowers that I have started from seed. So excited!

On a different note, we have been watching SurvivorMan. I picked it up at the library. If you are not familiar with the show, he puts himself in situations where he has to survive by himself for 7 days.

I have now named my family, The SurvivalCrew. So far, they have tried to make a fire with batteries, sticks and a believe a flashlight. Don't worry this Crew has a leader. The biggest kid of all. :)

I have to admit though the shows are very interesting. I have only had to look away a few times. He did eat some things that made my stomach turn but I also have a new fond interest in edible plants. :)


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Chrystal Gerthing said...

I Love How You All Do It as a Family


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