Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is here!

Brian had a little extra time off this weekend so we took advantage of it. Every year, we till up our garden by hand. It takes us a very long time and a lot of hard work but the end result is always worth it.

This year we did things a but differently. We started the same we always do.

We worked a few hours and actually were making some head way...but then we decided to get a bit of help. I know totally cheating!

But totally worth it!

Well that just freed up many hours for us. After a lot of discussion we decided to go ahead and buy a tiller. We had been putting it off but in the end it will reap much rewards. I feel like our plates are overflowing and spending that much time to do the work by hand was not really all that appealing.

I am striving to be more "simple" so buying a tiller was an investment! Brian agreed with my plea bargin side and so off we went to buy a tiller! We were on the hunt for a used one but we couldn't find one so we just bought a new one.

He liked his new toy! So did his helper.

It was a beautiful weekend! Have I mentioned how much I love Spring or how much I love this life?! :)


Sarah said...

Not cheating! A wise investment for your time. :) looks like a (huge) lovely garden space!

tesha said...

Oh I just love that picture of you and your hubby.... priceless!

Kat said...

Hi - thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment :) We sooo badly need to get going on the spring cleaning in the yard but i can barely bring myself up to start spring cleaning inside!

Miranda Hupp said...

Thanks! It was kind of dirty, sweaty kind of picture. :)

Carla said...

Gorgeous pictures! And I love the size of your garden!

Abbi said...

Oh garden planting time is fun! A tiller is a very nice thing to have - it definitely saves a lot of time! I hope your garden grows well! Ours is still covered in snow at the moment but before to long we will be tilling it up too.

Ms. Kathleen said...

Oh how I wish spring was here. We've had tiny spurts of it but today it is snowing again :( We do need the moisture so I shouldn't complain. Have a wonderful week :)


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