Friday, May 31, 2013

Random 5 ~ May 31st

I am very sorry about last week. It was a crazy week. Thanks for be patient with me.

So can you believe it is the last day of May!? I can't. I have that feeling of so much to do and so little time. I think this week my Random 5 is going to be easy. My mind is overloaded!

1. We went camping over the weekend. I posted all our pictures but I did not tell you how much fun we had! It was just what our family needed. We got away from all the stuff that needed to be done and we just enjoyed each other! We fished. We had smores. We stayed up late. We hiked. It was just awesome!

2. While we were gone a frost hit our house! I had all my tomatoes and peppers in the ground and I was not home to cover them! Such a bummer. I lost everything. Makes me want to cry.

3. I am pretty excited to be done with our traditional school year. We are still schooling through the summer though. We are focusing on a few trouble areas, doing reviews and a lot of fun stuff!

4. I am working on a Summer Bucket List and I'm SO excited about some of the things we are going to do! Stay tuned for posts about all kinds of fun!

5. I slacked on my running and drank way too much soda and junk food over the weekend and this week! I felt much better the last few weeks. I need to get back on track!

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Rebecca Newman said...

LOVE that montage header you have up there! Such great photos (there and in your photo post) from your camping trip away. Makes me ALMOST want to do it too. My one experience camping was laughable and has hindered me from trying it ever again. My whole family was meeting at some beautiful park for a weekend but we were the only ones without a tent. I was worried but my husband Mr. Eagle Scout assured me he had JUST THE THING. Well. JUST THE THING was a tarp tied to a tree ("WHAT?!?! THAT IS HOW I DID IT GROWING UP!" that wasn't even pitched so when it rained (Which it did) we were SOAKED. Meanwhile, everyone else had fancy tents with ROOMS and huge inflatable air mattresses and camping chairs and everything. That was also the trip where my contact ripped the first day, my glasses were smashed when someone rolled over on them while sleeping (and, btw, I am blind as a bat) and where Corynn, the baby then, screamed for hours before bed because she didn't understand why she was sleeping outside in a portapack with a fire nearby.


Camping LOOKS fun from pictures.

I love that picture of your hubby kissing your girlie. And that one picture in the upper right- of you and your other girl in the car or whatever? I didn't realize how much she looks like you until I saw that picture!

Beautiful pictures, all.

PS. So sorry about your tomato/pepper plants! I am not sure where you live but if it is anywhere in the Northeast, gardeners usually wait until Memorial Day to plant tomatoes and peppers. Some even wait until June 1st. There are times when you want to rush it-especially when for a week or so it is so gorgeous in the middle of May- but it ALWAYS bites you in the butt in the end. Next year force yourself to wait until then and you WON'T regret it! And if I were you, I would totally run to the nearest greenhouse and get a 6-cell pack of tomatoes and a 6-cell pack of peppers. If you want to try your hand at gardening, that is a perfect start- and 6 tomato plants will give you plenty of deliciousness to enjoy to get you HOOKED on gardening. :-)

chickbunhomeschool said...

I hate camping! OK maybe I should clarify that! I hate camping in a tent...Does it count as camping if you are in a camper, with air conditioning, shower, bathroom, stove, microwave, memory foam mattress! OK you get the picture (we haven't been camping since we sold the expedition and the camper GAS PRICES WERE A KILLER - My husband on the other hand loves it! We have all the equipment...maybe if it ever stops raining again he will convince me to get the tent out!

Dawn Oaks said...

Loved your post and especially your pictures. So glad your family had some time away!

My heart goes out to you over your plants. It is always heartbreaking after hours of effort to have plants die or deer eat all of your produce before you get to it.

Looking forward to hearing more about your summer fun plans!

Tess said...

I am so sorry that you lost all your plants to the frost! We've still got 3 weeks left our "regular school year" I can't believe I have one graduating in 3 weeks!

Cristi said...

We were camping last weekend, too. It was an awesome time to get away and have fun.

Tracey M. said...

Hi! Stopping by to see what you have been up to this week. We had to cancel our camping trip, because it looks like we will be in the middle of moving. I was looking forward to eating s'mores and late night adventures. I am glad to hear you had so much fun and had a much needed break. I know we'll get to camp sometime this summer, but it'll be soooo hot here in Texas. Sorry to hear about your veggies. I was going to post my summer bucket list next week as well if I can get my act together in time. I just linked up so stop by if you get a chance. Have a wonderful weekend!


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