Saturday, May 25, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ May 23

Technically it is the 24th because it is now 1am. It has been such a busy day and I am just now (barely) able to post my Random 5. I'm sorry to all those that link up! I really appreciate your involvement each Friday. :)

1. We are going camping this weekend. I'm beyond excited! I grew up on camping and I think I may love it even more now.

2. I decided to school through the summer. I usually take it by a yearly basis. Last year, we took the whole summer off! It was fun but I just feel like we can not do that this year. I'm kind of bummed but kind of excited at the same time.

3. We have a HUGE about of birds in our yard this year! They are everywhere.

4. My garden is doing great! I'm loving it. It started to frost tonight so Brian and I had to go outside covering EVERYTHING! Ugh. So frustrating in the end of May!

5. I changed my hair up a bit! I dyed it brown which is natural. I even did my own highlights (caramel, this time) and cut bangs! Whats so great about this is that I did it myself and I LOVE it!

I hope you have a GREAT Memorial weekend!

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Tracey M. said...

Happy Memorial Day (Weekend)! What no picture of your new hair do - maybe the family can shoot a couple pics so we can see how awesome it looks. I bet it looks GREAT! There's no way I could do my own hair it is too long. I would have to cut it short before attempting. LOL. Camping is lots of fun! I hope you and your family have a ball and I'll pray for a good weather forecast. Yah! Another summer school family! Hey, you could do a bird unit study. I review Homeschool Legacy's Bird Unit and Alyssa LOVED it! I recently linked up - I can be found here Well, I tried to get mine posted before midnight, but that didn't happen. I better get back to work - I am still editing my review for Simplified Dinners.


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