Monday, August 5, 2013

{Beauty Captured ~ 5/365}

The Pebble Pond


Rebecca said...

Sooo-how are you liking the Beauty Captured thing? Has it become a chore yet? I always LOVE the idea of a-photo-a-day posts (and have often toyed with the idea of them) but I know I could never commit to them. It isn't that I don't TAKE a picture a day (I take MANY a day, most days!) but that I can't commit to posting every day. I am a loser that way!

I thought Beauty Captured was a month long thing- not a YEAR long thing! Do you know what that means?! That means we get a post from you EVERY DAY! (Now THAT is cool...)

This one is my favorite so far! Such a sweet picture!

Dawn said...

This is a very sweet picture!

Tara Mitchell said...

What a sweet picture!

Miranda said...

When I came up with Beauty Captured I thought about posting a weeks worth of pictures on one day because I was afraid I would get overwhelmed. I didn't want to let people down if I said I would do something and then there was no picture and no link up. The more I thought and prayed about it, the more confident and excited I became. So I figured I would just give it a go!

So far...I LOVE IT! It has not been a chore at all. I wanted something to help me to keep my focus on the beauty that surrounds me and this has become just that! I schedule the post the night before and every day it goes live at 5 am the next day. It usually only takes me about 10 minutes to download, edit and post the picture. I also have a file with extras ready to go just in case!

Only 360 more days to go! I hope no one gets too annoyed seeing me pop up in their reader EVERY day! ;)

April said...

I am sure this sweet doggie is very healing for your daughter; for your whole family. We have four little dogs and they are family members to us. :-)


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