Friday, April 26, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ April 26th

Hello! I'm so happy that it is Friday. Now that Spring is here, Fridays make me unbelievably happy! I get to spend the weekend with my wonderful husband and we spend most of the time outside. It doesn't get much better than that. :)

This week, I am just going to give 5 quick facts. It is only 8:30 in the morning and I am already juggling way too many things. We have kittens being born, videos being made, errands to run, food to be cooked, school to be done, love to be given.

1. I have never been to the ocean. Ok....once. Basically, I got to wave as we drove by.

2. I would love to move to Montana. Have 8 kids. Sing with my big family on the porch of my horse ranch.

3. Instead I live in Ohio. Have 4 (amazing) kids. (Praying for more!) I can't sing and I have only been on a horse once which didn't count because I didn't even get to ride it.

4. I decided to start running again. Wish me luck!

5. I made myself a Home Management Binder this week. Do you have one? I would love to hear about it.

Just some pictures I took yesterday......

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Onions, Carrots and Lettuce...Oh my!

Last year, my garden was a complete bust. We started it late which made me discouraged to even start with. We ended up having to just buy plants. Blah. Double Blah. Even those didn't do very well. Complete bust.

This year is going to be DIFFERENT!

I already have onions, carrots and lettuce in the ground! Oh yeah!

I am anxiously waiting to plant all the plants that are residing in my sun room. I have peppers (green, mixed, jalapenos and some other kind of hot pepper), tomatoes (4 different kinds), cucumbers and flowers that I have started from seed. So excited!

On a different note, we have been watching SurvivorMan. I picked it up at the library. If you are not familiar with the show, he puts himself in situations where he has to survive by himself for 7 days.

I have now named my family, The SurvivalCrew. So far, they have tried to make a fire with batteries, sticks and a believe a flashlight. Don't worry this Crew has a leader. The biggest kid of all. :)

I have to admit though the shows are very interesting. I have only had to look away a few times. He did eat some things that made my stomach turn but I also have a new fond interest in edible plants. :)


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ April 19th

Random 5 on Friday 

1. This is by far the best recipe that I have found for ribs! I promise your whole family will come back for more. The first time I made it, I did not have enough so I made sure that I bought two packs this time. 

I highly recommend Sweet Baby Rays Sweet and Spicy BBQ Sauce. You will gain 5 pounds just by looking at them when they are done!

2. I have the best husband in the world. He was my gorgeous model for my monthly photo challenge. He was such a good sport. 

Here are some outtakes....

(Showing off his tattoo..."Did you see that"..Haha) 

Here is the picture that I went with. I love it! And him. :)

3. We started a new Spring "routine" this week. I am not into schedules. I never have been. I feel too....scheduled. Anyway, our routine is kicking my butt. I am attempting to get up earlier (6am instead of 8) so that we have more afternoon time to enjoy this time of year. The hard part...I get up with Brian while it is still very much dark to get him out the door for work plus wake up numerous times throughout the night to help Taylor get comfortable. I'm one sleepy momma. I'm hoping I will adjust to getting up earlier.

I used to be a morning person. Can I get to be that again!? We shall see.

4. I love flowers. Love em, love em, love em!
5. I love flip flops but it is a really close second to boots. That is the only thing that makes me miss cooler weather. I do not want to part with my boots. Which is why you will find me in jeans, tshirt and boots even in the summer. Hey, cowboys wear boots all the time, right? I should be able to get away with it too. :)

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Monday, April 15, 2013

Just a weekend....

We had a wonderful weekend.

It started off pretty great when I got a NEW CAMERA! If you have been following my blog for a time or know me in person, you know how much I love taking pictures! I have been itching for a new camera for a while now and I finally got it. :)

So please bear with me and my overload of picture posts that will probably take place until the newness wears off. That could be awhile!

We made it to church this week! That is an accomplishment in and of itself. Between passing sickness around, skunk spraying, clothes mishaps, sleepless nights, sisters flying halfway across the world and a million other has been awhile. But we made it back and it felt good. Really good.

We played some Frisbee golf yesterday after church. We just kind of made up our own course in the backyard and shared a Frisbee but it worked. It became known as slobber golf because Bobo wouldn't leave the Frisbee alone. He chased it every time someone threw it but at least he brought it back to us.

Our seeds are coming up! So excited.

Today or tomorrow, I am going to go out and start some lettuce and onions. Hello Spring.

Our weekly library run was a hit. Lately we are in and out pretty quickly but today we took our time.

We have a cat ready to burst. There are guesses flying around as to when she will deliver and how many kittens there will be.

Its going to be a good week. I can just feel it. :)

Friday, April 12, 2013

Random 5 on Friday ~ April 12

1. I forgot how much I love a Spring rain. It refreshes my soul.

2. This will probably be the only time in my life I can say this but..........ALL OF MY LAUNDRY IS DONE AND PUT AWAY! Yay, me!

3. On a sad note....Today is my grandpas birthday. He was killed 15 years ago and it never gets any easier. He was one of the best men I have ever known. I was never too old for him to pick me up and swing me around when he saw me. He will always hold such a special place in my heart.

4. On a happier note....(ok happy for you because I am a bit agitated!) I made a HUGE (like really HUGE) batch a of french toast sticks to freeze. Wonderful, I thought! Easy breakfast, I thought. Well those might have been true if I would have cooked them just a tab less. They are as hard as a rock. No matter what I tried. Still hard. The kids ate some this morning and smiled as they said they are just "crunchy". Yeah, that made me laugh out loud.

5. Have you ever heard of Voxer? It is an app that is basically a walkie talkie. My dad first told me about it a few weeks ago. He hates to text so this was a great solution! Now my whole family has it and its so convenient and fun. It is much easier than texting and you can "hear" each other so it is more personal. Does that make sense?

Just be careful if you have a husband like mine. Since it is a walkie talkie everyone close enough can hear what is being said. The other day, I was in the store and Brian said screamed something along the lines of me being a "hot, gorgeous wife". You would think I would learn my lesson. I told him I am not going to listen to his messages while in public anymore and he better hope he doesn't Vox me something important while I am at the store like...."I need TP...ASAP"! Hehe....

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real


Need I say more....


 This little girl makes my heart skip a beat.


No matter what the job, Carter always makes a "tool" to make the job more efficient. As his momma, I find it funny but 9 times out of 10, it works! :)


You want real. You get real. 

I started a major spring cleaning project last week. I am going through each and every room, closet and square inch of my house. I started in the sunroom. This room was a DISASTER! It was the messiest room in my entire house. Which is why I started there!
 Ok...seriously. Eggs much? Wipes? A can of pop! Baking soda! Whatever you need you could find here!

 Or here!

 Or here!

Sad, right!? I know. I can not believe I am sharing this. Haha!

The problem with this room is that I do not "live" in it. So it gets messy very quickly without me even realizing it. The other problem is this is the room that you walk into. So it should NEVER get like this.

Well now it doesn't.

Much, Much, Much better! I even made myself a little reading spot. Now I just need to figure out how to cover that ugly plug, get a new throw rug and find a few family pictures to throw here and there. Oh and have time to sit and enjoy it!

round button chicken

Monday, April 8, 2013

Spring is here!

Brian had a little extra time off this weekend so we took advantage of it. Every year, we till up our garden by hand. It takes us a very long time and a lot of hard work but the end result is always worth it.

This year we did things a but differently. We started the same we always do.

We worked a few hours and actually were making some head way...but then we decided to get a bit of help. I know totally cheating!

But totally worth it!

Well that just freed up many hours for us. After a lot of discussion we decided to go ahead and buy a tiller. We had been putting it off but in the end it will reap much rewards. I feel like our plates are overflowing and spending that much time to do the work by hand was not really all that appealing.

I am striving to be more "simple" so buying a tiller was an investment! Brian agreed with my plea bargin side and so off we went to buy a tiller! We were on the hunt for a used one but we couldn't find one so we just bought a new one.

He liked his new toy! So did his helper.

It was a beautiful weekend! Have I mentioned how much I love Spring or how much I love this life?! :)


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