Friday, February 24, 2017

Random 5 on Friday ~ February 24th

The Pebble Pond
1. It is 6pm on February 24th in OHIO and it is 75 degrees! We took the day to get some things done and play outside. I would love for this weather be here for good. I was itching to start seeds but that would be silly since it is still February! So instead, I am just enjoying the warmth on my skin.

2.  We are thinking about investing in bees and I am seriously pumped about that! The homestead has been looking pretty non homesteadish lately and I don't like that. Bees will definitely get me over that quick!

3. My oldest daughter turns 19 in less than a month. 19! Is that possible? That would make me older than I care to admit. You know whats crazy? I still feel 21. Ha!

4. I just looked at my "about me" section and I think it needs an update. It is like 5 years old. I'll add that to my to-do list. I really want to get this blog up to date and looking good!

5. Carter has been very busy with some fun projects. I am hoping to blog about them soon! It involves things exploding which definitely makes my Momma heart a big nervous.  I try to let him experiment and we watch a lot of You Tube videos together and with his Dad. Sometimes I watch and sometimes I don't but I always listen when he talks to me about his ideas.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

No Fish but the Fam is a Catch

Sunday was warm and sunny. I think the temps got up to 60. In Ohio. In February. And I am not complaining. The last month has been gray skies every single day.

Alyssa told me about the weather and basically planned our first fishing trip of the year. I don't think she was going to take no for an answer. Which to be honest...I was NOT going to do anyway.

We packed the van with a weeks worth of stuff for our day trip and then we were off! Does that ever change? I mean, come on. I have 4 teenagers. I thought that that kind of packing only happened when kids were little. Cooler with food and drinks, cooler for fish (that we never seem to, chairs, fishing poles, tackle boxes, camera bag, get the picture.We did have our little monster too. So lets not forget extra clothes, diapers, sippy cup.

If you can imagine us all walking to our fishing spot you would laugh. For some reason it  never ends up being a spot right off the road. We walked down a hill, through a field and then across a muddy mess. Brian pushing Taylor, Hunter on Alyssa's shoulders and the rest of us carrying a weeks worth of stuff. It is a site but I wouldn't have it any other way. These are the days I look forward to. These are the memories I love making. These are the days I will miss someday. But not right now. Right now, I will enjoy every chaotic, beautiful second.

The day was perfect. Other than not a single bite. We talked. We laughed. We chased our monster. Played in the creek. Soaked up the sun.

Carters brought along some homemade lures.

Hunter thought the minnows were the neatest thing ever.

I think this weather is supposed to stay around for a few days. I am going to enjoy it. I'm not sure I am going to be ok with going back to cold and gray. How is the weather in your neck of the woods?

Saturday, February 4, 2017

January ~ Here and Gone

Can you believe it is February already? I read a meme the other day that said January was just a trial month for 2017. I have to agree! We were sick most of the month. By the time we all got healthy and back into routine, we were barely getting school done by the end of the day. I am hoping for a much better February.

We have managed to fit in hunting as much as we could. I went out early in the year and Brian and the kids have gone out a lot lately. Unfortunately, we haven't been all that successful. Brian got a buck, Carter got a doe and Morgan shot a rabbit. Brian and Carter are out tonight. Tomorrow is the end of the season. I am crossing my fingers. I was counting on at least 100lbs of deer for my freezer!

Don't they all just look darling in their hunting clothes?

I have quite a few goals this year. Some years I make goals and some years I don't. I feel like I am kind of in a rut and there are some things that I need to change asap and some I just want to change gradually in the next year. So goals are a must. I need to see them. Read them. Often!

Since I need A LOT of accountability I am going to blog about my goals. Why? Because that is what bloggers do! ;)

Personal ~ 
 * Read my Bible daily
 * Make a list of family read alouds and read them! At least 5 nights after dinner.
 * Pray with Brian before bed
 * Bullet journal daily
 * Lose 30 lbs. Yes, 30lbs.
 * Exercise 3xs a week
 * Blog weekly at least
 * Date night once a week with my love
 * Date night with one child, once a week

Financial ~ 
 * Make a budget
 * Give every dollar a name (Dave Ramsey would be proud!)
 * Drastically cut down on eating out
 * Save, save and save some more (We have some expenses coming up plus enough for an emergency fund.)

 Well there it is. I am hoping to stay accountable and post monthly updates. I already mentioned that January was a trial month so....we won't talk about that.



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